Bordeaux HMO

Our new Bordeaux range will offer a modern yet boho vibe to your decor. Infusing your bedroom with warmth and character, the Bordeaux features a natural looking rattan effect front, complemented by opulent satin gold handles. The dark blue frame provides a bold and modern contrast to the rattan, giving the wardrobe a contemporary edge. A functional and stylish investment for your bedroom.

4 Bedroom Package
4 x Halston Bed
4 x Orthopaedic Mattress
4 x Mattress Protector
4 x Bordeaux Wardrobe
4 x Bordeaux Chest
4 x Bordeaux Bedside
5 Bedroom Package
5 x Halston Bed
5 x Orthopaedic Mattress
5 x Mattress Protector
5 x Bordeaux Wardrobe
5 x Bordeaux Chest
5 x Bordeaux Bedside
6 Bedroom Package
6 x Halston Bed
6 x Orthopaedic Mattress
6 x Mattress Protector
6 x Bordeaux Wardrobe
6 x Bordeaux Chest
6 x Bordeaux Bedside
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